Our Mission

“Copperline Capital is poised to become a leader in alternative commercial financing. We understand how to market and process small business loans efficiently and effectively.”
—David Murray, Copperline CEO

For investment opportunities call: 949-542-9685

Copperline is a second stage self funded start-up that specializes in marketing & lead generation for commercial working capital loans.

Using an innovative combination of traditional direct marketing, advanced logistical regression models, digital media, process automation, marketing automation and user centered design, Copperline has emerged as an industry leader in client acquisition and digital automation, dramatically reducing the acquisition cost of a high quality lead and efficiently turning it into a signed application. While rest of the industry struggles with lead-gen, we’re perfecting it.

Our business experience provides us a unique set of knowledge and skills that we can apply to today’s current FINTECH marketplace.

We were part of the concept development team on NASA’s International Space Station working directly under Apollo 12 Mission Commander and former-astronaut Pete Conrad at the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing).

We were part of the founding team at Direct Capital that later become the multi-billion dollar FINTECH platform that was successfully sold and integrated into the CIT Corporation.

We were the founders of the Intuit Innovation Program where we worked under Scott Cook, Bill Mirbach and Tom Allanson, developing innovative new products, services, and employee training programs.

We’ve written books on innovation and business strategy that have been published by Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster and a dozen other international publishing houses.

We were part of the founding team at TaxNet, an online tax prep software company that was successfully sold and integrated into the H&R Block Digital Products Division.

We were featured innovation speakers at “Talks at Google” in Silicon Valley and have participated in the annual Google Innovation Summit in New York City.

The Value of our Business Model

  • We are a fintech company serving a high growth market place.

  • We have a proven lead generation model generating income, driven by metrics and poised for profitable growth.

  • We have highly automated systems using customized technologies processing thousands of loans with less than ten operational employees . We are the “fintech” poster-child.

  • Our process generates a high value client with low default rates.

  • We are a proven management team with deep experience and success in fintech marketing and entrepreneurship. We are the founders of Direct Capital (now a part of CIT) and the former Head of Innovation for Intuit.