The Prescreening Process
The Verification Process
The Funding Process

The Prescreening Process

We use a sophisticated pre-screening process using data about your company from various credit agencies and public records to establish a working capital loan for your business.

Screening Criteria Based on:

  • Business Credit Scores
  • Annual Company Revenue
  • Type of Company (SIC Code)
  • Public Records
  • Time in Business (year founded)
  • Number of Employees
  • Business location (home vs. retail)
  • FICO credit score
  • Legal company structure
  • Number of employees

The Verification Process

For your protection and ours, you will be required to verify your identity and your revenues.

It’s a 3 minute process!
We’re all busy people, which is why created a streamlined process that make verification quick and painless.

Security is a top priority.
We use Experian to verify your personal identity. To protect and store your information, our data servers meet a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.

Call us at 800-260-4897.

The Funding Process

Once we’ve verified your identity, we will provide you with different loan options. Once you choose an option, funds are wired transferred into your business checking account.

$0   No pre-payment penalties.

6.7% – We offer the lowest interest rates.

36 Monthly Payments – We offer monthly payments.

Is this a Credit Card?

No it’s not. The card contains your account number and you’ll need it to activate, verify and to fund your capital accounts.

Have more Questions?

Checkout our our FAQ page or give us a call to talk to someone on our team to help answer any additional you may have.

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