Founded by former Intuit employees, Copperline combines advanced logistical regression models with world-class technologies and user centered design to provide a unique client experience. We reduce the barriers to business capital and work with companies to improve their credit scores and reduce the interest rates they pay for this access to capital. We have over 30,000 activate accounts and establish thousands of new accounts every month. We are headquartered in Chicago with offices throughout the United States.

Our Business Model

“We’ve evolved to an “invitation only” business model because it allows us to simplify the client experience and provide the best rates and terms because we only lend to those that pass our screening process.”
—David Murray, Copperline President & Founder


David Kord Murray


David Kord Murray

David was the Head of Innovation at Intuit, developing new products and services for TurboTax and QuickBooks. He’s the bestselling author of several popular business books and a former aerospace engineer.

Kimberly Benintendo

Senior Vice President of Automation

Kimberly Benintendo

Kim was a senior process manager at Intuit and established an innovative A/B testing program for TurboTax that was used to improve the client experience and reduce user drop off rates.

Ed Beaudette

Vice President of Client Experience

Ed Beaudette

Ed is a seasoned financial services expert and has developed call center strategies to improve client experience. Today he oversees the Copperline account management teams.

Our leadership and innovation experience comes from working directly for these world-class brands:


Ryan Pratt

Ryan is responsible for call center analytics and call center tactics. He studies ways to improve our customer service and develops new tactics.

Gail Kirkpatrick

Gail is responsible for customer service analytics and management. She studies ways to improve client experience and manages the branch offices.

Jake Broom

Jake is responsible for business analytics and tactical management. He studies ways to improve our strategy, align our tactics and develop technologies to better meet client needs.

Katie Murray

Katie is responsible for marketing analytics and project management. She works to improve marketing effectiveness and develop new strategies and tactics for client acquisition.