Business Loans by Invitation Only

We use a sophisticated pre-screening process using data about your company from various credit agencies and public records to establish a working capital loan for your business. We only do business with companies that have been invited to participate in our program. Activate your card today and use it later.


No pre-payment penalties.


We offer the lowest interest rates.

36 Monthly 

We offer monthly payments.

We pre-screen your company through Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and public records and establish an account based upon this information. When you activate your account you will be asked to verify your identity and the information we obtained from these agencies. For larger loan amounts, we will ask for copies of your business bank statement to verify your revenue. Our rates and terms may vary depending upon the information we verify. For unsecured loans the rates vary from 5.5% to 25% depending upon your overall credit score. If you don’t qualify for the lowest rate then we will work with you to help improve your overall credit score and get the best rate for your company.

Manage your Cash Flow



Use your account to pay daily expenses like payroll, rent, taxes, insurance, benefits and any other business related expense. We understand the problem of daily cash flow management have designed a program to solve it.



Equipment is the foundation for your business. Use your account to purchase computers, furniture, fixtures, tools, and any other equipment you need for operations. We’ll even design a program to maximize your tax deductions.



Most small businesses must carry an inventory and this becomes difficult because of the time between having to pay for that inventory and the time that you sell your inventory. Use your account to solve this problem.

“Copperline Capital is leading a revolution in small business financing.”
— Forbes

Copperline Branch Offices

While most of our clients use the convenience of the internet to interact with us, others meet with us in person at one of our branch offices. Call to make an appointment.